A Tenderfoot's Duty: The Call of the Void

by The Gorgeous Boyscouts

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Nick Schwarz - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Lomangino - Bass
Brandon Albu - Drums/Acoustic Guitar/Programming


released January 24, 2018

All music written, preformed, recorded, and mixed by The Gorgeous Boyscouts.


all rights reserved



The Gorgeous Boyscouts San Diego, California

The Gorgeous Boyscouts are Nick Schwarz, Mike Lomangino, and Brandon Albu

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Track Name: Chicken Wings and Pizza
Chicken Wings and Pizza

Intro: B-G#-B-G#-A-B-E-F#-E-F#-E
Verse: G#-B-G#-B-C#-E
Chorus: B-G#-C#
Bridge: G#-F#-D#-E

Ver se 1:
The tiny box is heating up
So I'll fabricate a rig.
My tank is starting to empty
And all I want is my next fix.
Am I cooking or am I baking?
Can't even tell what I’m making,
But I’m doing all the trying,
Clearly I’m frying.

Verse 2:
When you've fallen on money trouble
And can't even afford a pan.
Heat the beans on top of the stove
Straight from their can.
If the bills are paid and the gas is on
You'll begin to think you're Teflon.
Until that cash flow doesn't stick,
Now you can’t afford to be sick

No pan was my reasoning,
Toppings extra seasoning.
A lifetime of this,
Only saving for that dish.
Best served fresh
Make sure to save what's left.
A buffalo man
With pizza and wings on hand.

Verse 3:
Leftovers with no dishes
Because cooking’s for the fishes.
Early crows may get the worms
Although the cuckoo bird has learned,
When you’re a brood parasite
There no kids to keep you up at night.
Hard to stay on the straight and narrow
Living like a Saltmarsh Sparrow.
Track Name: My Lord and Savior (Song from Above)
My Lord and Savior (Song from Above)

V: Bm – G – D – B – F – G – D - A (Power chords)
C: D- B – G – A – 3x
B – G – A – D – 1x

Yesterday I saw a man
He had strings attached like a mannequin
Then I saw his face from afar
He looked like hell had touched his soul
Where was he, Where was I
When the lights are on, I see your eye
Built up anger inside his heart
Never been stranger
His time is now
Outstretched arms, smiling backwards
He took a knee
How dumb is he

But he heard a song from up above
It said here’s your plan
Don’t let me down
Now here’s your song
Loud and clear
Don’t fuck it up
You’ll disappear

He came back swinging
One round bout
Beat depression
Knocked her out
Never gets a girl
In despair
He lost his friends
To whiskey and beer
He pushed the bad out of his life
He put himself in the light
All a sudden I looked to see
The mirror focused
In front of me
I’m the man
From the day before
I was in disguise
I had lived a lie
Track Name: Mexicant

Intro: Dm - G - F - E
Verse: Dm - G
Pre-chorus 1: F - E
Chorus 1: Am - F - G - F - Am - G - F - E - Am - F - D - G - Am - F - G - E
Chorus 2: Am - F - G - F - Am - F - G - F- Am - F - G - E - Am - F - G - F

I snuggle with someone I hate
My brother won’t look in my face
But I’ll walk away if you walk away

Hey hey you’re lame
Hey Hey what should I say
What do you want from me
I can’t write

Verse 2:
Have no fear of perfection
You’ll never climb that high
You’ll die like that rose in the street
After you realize that you’re
Just an average guy

Hey hey you’re lame
Hey Hey what should I say
What do you want from me

And I pray and I hope when you’re 65
And you’ve cut yourself off from all that you know
And it causes you pain and maybe
One day you see that all
You’ve achieved is greed

Verse 3:
And she’s angry too
Stays up all night bothering you
I ask about work and
You say what do I care about your job
I’m through

Pre- Chorus:
Cause love is a bottomless pit
Hopefully I’m not too late for this
So hey hey I’m sane
Hey Hey what should I say

You’re 65
And it’s coming through
And what do you do when
You’ve done it all you
And what can I say
When you go that way
And what do you want from me
Track Name: Purple Shades
Purple Shades

Verse: G – D – Both augmented/modified
Pre-Chorus: G (Same G from verse) – with finger picking
Chorus: F# - G (Power chords)

Verse 1:
Purple shades mix to grey
Swirling round begin to fade
Floating down into my cup
Wash it down don’t throw up
Cause when the rain falls down on your skin
You feel it burning on your limbs
Water crashed down in your eyes
Look at the sky it makes me cry
Cause when the…..

Verse 2:
We watch the leaves fall to the ground
Getting crushed holding down
We watch as we destroy ourselves
We watch as we destroy ourselves
Cause when the snow drifts down on your land
You feel it tired get your gin
Fire crashed down on your lens
You watch it burn let it burn
Cause when the….
Track Name: Eyeland

Main Riff: F# - F - E - B - G - A
Verses: F# - F -B - D
Chorus: F# - E - G - A - B - D - A - B

Verse 1:
Perception is lost, swaying dilation
A fixed dark spot, always complacent
Alone with just thoughts, racing and fading
There are others amongst, tirelessly evading

Chorus 1:
All things being equal
But nothing is equal
The normal is to be feared and
In the land of the blind
The one eyed man is king
And he rules for as far as he can see.

Verse 2:
Not even ringing, cancelling quiet
The mind is singing, an audio diet

Chorus 2:
All things being equal
But nothing is equal
The normal is to be feared and
In the land of the deaf
The Cochlear reigns supreme
And it rules for as long as it still pings.

Verse 3:
Everything's fine, it’s lazy breezy
Conforming line, this street is easy
A part of hive mind, singularity's here
T'was once mankind, futurist fears

Chorus 3:
All things being equal
But nothing is equal
The normal is to be feared and
In the land of the able
The machines will keep us stable
And they will never come to rule
Track Name: 4 UR Consideration
4 UR Consideration

Verse: D – F – C – G (3x)
F – C – G – G (1x)
Chorus: A – C – G (3x)
A – D – C – G – E (1x)

Verse 1:
I’ve learned to learn I’ve used my and I
Why can’t I observe you?
How bout you and we make three
It’s clear to me to change my ways
Clear some space I need to lay
Part ways And Peace
I took and stole to end in turmoil
The good times are killing me

Friends no more it’s what’s in store
Communication break down, shake down
Find there way with other clay
To die and never speak again
Track Name: Walk the Line
Walk the Line

She stood in front of the crowd today
Heirs about her she parted ways
She took to the sky seeing gray
She wondered why she was gay

She found her women she found her wine
She walked the line she found her time
Yeah she walked in the clouds
She had her lines
Yeah she walked the line she walked the line

She looked out at the crowd today
Took one step and ran away
Her Blood soaked wine ran through her spine
And she wondered why she wondered why
Track Name: Dead Actress
Dead Actress

We’re witnessing a catastrophe
Now we’ve seen it all
I’ve supported your hypocrisy
And I’ve heard it all
Now you’ve tapped into my spine
From the Inside out I tasted her lines
And they’ve tasted the sweet
But not without the sour

She’s a dead Actress
Her time went by
Her clock was ticking
Before her prime
Just living her life
And Living our dream
It all ended
Before she could make her name
And she’s a dead actress
Yeah she’s dead

This is giving off an awful stench
And everyone can smell it
Are you ready for my two cents?
Cause you’ll be of it
Now stop wasting my time because
I’ve wasted enough of it on my own
On the mattress she’ll be fine
Now’s not her time
Track Name: Early

Picked:Asus2 - Am - Am7 - Am - Cadd2 - G - F - E - F - G
Verse: Asus2 - Am - Am7 - Am - Cadd2 - G - F - E - F - E (G)
Chorus: A - G - A - G - C - G - A

Verse 1:
When the Earth stops spinning around,
I’m going to ask what did you do?
How would I get a hold of you?
And why would I even want to?
If everyone out there knew the truth
There would be a mess on your hands.
Think of the riots and the looting
I guess that’s where I’d find you.

On December 22nd
An early Christmas present
The sun and the moon
And the Way of the Dead
This current era
When will it end

Verse 2:
You’ve been causing a mess
All this time that I’ve known you.
And I don’t think foreseeing the end
Would do anything but empower you.
When it was us you saw the end
But it was just in your head.
The time came you were tired and through
And it was me making it end.
Track Name: Trampolines Vol. 2
Trampolines Vol. 2 Key: F#

Verse 1:
Steve only eats food from a box,
Watching numbers fall from the clock.
All this for Steve is not for naught,
Just wants his son to know he loves him a lot
Like a lab dog he hears the microwave beep.
His icy mouth turns drool into sleet.
Suffering at work he’s behind 18 wheels,
Saving his money by skipping meals.
His son will be thankful for the trampoline
Right after their done syphoning this gasoline.

Verse 2:
In much like the way of the blacksmith
His jobs now hanging there just by an inch
When things go bad they tend to get worse
He's in a coma; now the boy's not alert.
When semi trucks become self driving rigs
Sad old Steve will be out of a gig
It was too many falls off his trampoline
Now they're both hooked on prescription morphine

Verse 3:
Steve's ex-wife has had it to here
His life right now is just powder and beer.
He already lost her so so long ago
But now his life has tumbled to new lows
The hospital bills have piled up
Pills turned to tracks because it's never enough
Sees his son through the eyes of a camcorder
Because that trampoline is now a court order.

Your lessons aren’t for loan.
(I had to learn them on my own)
I choose to roll my own dice
(Gambling for paradise)
So now your stories are mine
And I tell myself I am fine
(And he tells himself he's fine)

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